The Shadow Company is a highly covert group of spies and assassins directly under the command of the Baron. The Company's existence is unknown to all but a few trusted members of the court.


Commander: Vaesil Isilviere

Members; Unknown

Headquarters: Northcliff Tower

Symbol: The Black Hart of Roesone on a grey background


The Company's primary concern is protecting Roesone. Under direct command from the baron, through its commander Vaesil Isilviere, the Company operates above and beyond the traditional heirarchy of the realm.

Although its main concern is monitoring threats to Roesone, another goal is to keep a eye on events relating to the Shadow World. One of its objectives is to understand exactly what the Shadow World is, and through this understanding help protect Roesone.


Formed as a cover operations unit by Blade Isilviere, the Company has grown beyond a few spies controlling a network of agents across Roesone and Medoere.

After the disappearance of Sir Blade, Vaesil Isilviere took command of the Company and established its headquarters at Northcliff Tower. The tower now houses several agents and provides training to new recruits.

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