Mishmak is an infamous ogre mercenary who fought under Garlag the Bear against Sir Tannen and the knights of Veriene.


Standing eight feet tell, Mishmak is a ferocious sight. His lank hair hangs long down his back, with several bones weaved into the strands. He only has one eye, having lost the other years ago in combat, but forgoes an eye-patch in preference of intimidating his enemies with the gruesome scar.

Mishmak fights with a two-handed sword which he wields easily in one hand, and covers himself in a patchwork of armour - whatever he scavenges from his fallen enemies. 


When fighting under the command of Garlag the Bear Mishmak was seriously wounded in a duel against Seth Isilviere. After Garlag's defeat and the break up of his army, Mishmak travelled the plains of northern Roesone with a small band of brigands, gnolls, goblins, and humans, raiding and looting as they went.


Eventually a band of rangers tracked down the brigands and defeated them in battle, and chased Mishmak back to their lair. Much smarter than the average ogre, however, Mishmak had trapped his lair in case of such an emergency, and managed to escape pursuit as the rangers perished in their hurried assault on the lair. Mishmak vanished back into the Spider Forest to lick his wounds.


Once healed, Mishmak formed a new mercenary band of goblins and looked for work. The small group accepted a mission from a masked stranger, who paid upfront in gold, and the ogre and his companions secretly travelled south down the Spider River to the forest of the Erebannien. Here they assaulted an old elven tower, their mission to retrieve an artefact from the ruins. Only by cooperating with the knights Liem and Seth did Mishmak retrieve the artefact - a horn from some large animal. 

Before Mishmak and the knights could come to blows, however, the ogre's employee appeared and took the horn for himself. He summoned a large monster to take care of all present while he escaped through an arcane portal. Mishmak fought the creature while the knights fled, the ogre's fate unknown...

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