Aedan IsilviereAelis RitterAeronwen Denoered
Agelmore BellamieArlinda BrosuineArthen Isilviere
Aurelen PalaceBannier RoesoneBarsel
BeonocBerian IsilviereBlade Isilviere
Blaese IsilviereBrecaBrengain Ghelle
Caelan RoesoneCaliendre NoelenCatrin Redblades
Celm FraestielCeolbar CardaegChapter 10: Fresh Country Air
Chapter 11: On the TrailChapter 12: Shadows of the PastChapter 13: Fallout
Chapter 14: Turning TidesChapter 15: Twin ForksChapter 16: Deepening Shadows
Chapter 17: EpilogueChapter 18: IntermissionChapter 19: Demons of the Past
Chapter 1: The Autumn Festival PartyChapter 20: Intermission 2Chapter 21: Infiltration
Chapter 22: Where Shadows Meet the NightChapter 3: Riot at the PrisonChapter 4: Cold Light of Day
Chapter 5: Answers and QuestionsChapter 6: The Storm BreaksChapter 7: On Its Head
Chapter 8: Flight and FightChapter 9: EpilogueColier Isilviere
Colier LiefricDaeric RoesoneDarnae Isilviere
Dietric RoesoneEldried BellamieEluana
Endieran EightFaelenFrida Hjalfon
Gaelin IsilviereGhariet HallanGhesele Bjording
Glanmor AevilierGraed GreybootsGweirlaen
Haeleth HellbringerHaeni BellamieHaestan Isilviere
Hereric ArthaenHeroes of Roesone WikiImpregnable Heart of Haelyn
Irwen IsilviereIxylJaryn Cardael
Kroben DarkhowlLaeleeLiem Haeleth
Loeran ArthaenMarsiye PalaceMasked Wizard
Mieve TyienMishmakMisoele Palace
Moerde GhadrienMorwen RoesoneNathaniel Aluvien
Nevin BellamieNorthcliff TowerProudglaive
Raelin DenoeredRenierRian
Rieva BellamieRuinil IsilviereSaebra Denoered
SamelSenhae AlhenaSerena Ritter
Seth IsilviereShadow CompanyShannen Aglondier
Shielin RoesoneSoreth RoesoneSun and Raven
Svala IsilviereTaelhaern BrosuineTangwen Carwine
Tannen OerThe AvengerThe Rjurik Brute
Tieghan of ProudglaiveTrevam IsilviereVaesil Isilviere (Elder)
Vaesil Isilviere (Younger)Vordhuine IsilviereVordhuine Roesone
File:Catrin Cral's Pass.jpgFile:Catrin Redblades City2.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Gweirlaen.jpgFile:Heroes of Roesone.jpg
File:Laelee.jpgFile:Roesone Family Tree.jpgFile:ScreenShot10.jpg
File:ScreenShot7.jpgFile:ScreenShot8.jpgFile:Seth Vos 4.jpg
File:Tannen Oer.jpgFile:Wiki-background

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