Catrin Redblades City2

Catrin Redblades

Priestess of Cuiraecen and member of the Endieran Eight.


Catrin is an attractive young woman with a gentle face. But like the storms she worships her features can change in a moment, her grey eyes flashing like lightning when roused to anger. She has long platinum-blonde hair which she usually ties back in a ponytail.

Gaining the Trust of the RoesoneansEdit

When Catrin met the Roesonean nobles she told them she was a bard trying to make her name. To explain why she carried a blade and armour, she spun a tale about her mercenary father, saying he had recently died and she wished to return his sword and armour to her family in Gheaden Forge.

PC Interactions HereEdit

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Catrin Cral's Pass

The Battle of Cral's Pass

Catrin fought at the Battle of Cral's Pass against Lord Nevin's army, summoning a mighty storm to hinder the knights. Although Catrin was subdued by Liem she managed to escape toward the end of the battle.


Catrin headed north to Ghoere with Sir Moerde to free herself of the demonic binding and seek revenge on Lord Breca .


  • “Took care of me? Please, you inconvenienced me. To take care of me you’d need a weapon a little less...flaccid.”

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